Soda makers are our natural complement to domestic sources of filtered water. They allow the home conditions to get bottled sparkling water (saturated CO2) and drinks. SodaStream brand is the world leader in sales of these devices and high-quality concentrates for drinks. Soda makers are characterized by an ultra-modern design and are a great addition to the modern kitchen.
We offer products with the Polish distribution network and warranty.

The key value for our customers: 1. Obtaining carbonated water at home – if you like sparkling water, then you no longer have to buy it. 2. Low cost of ownership – are characterized by their high efficiency (up to 80L drink with one cartridge; 0,5 zł. – Cost saturation 1L of water / beverage). CO² cartridges can be exchanged for completed at multiple points throughout the country. 3. A wide range of beverage concentrates – przyrządzisz delicious Coke in the house at the price of 1.6 zł per liter.

4. The complete, ready to operate without power – have offered soda-bars Co2 cartridge kit and sampler 6 types of concentrate (getting 6 L beverage)5. Ecology – with our solutions stop to buy water and drinks, and your family will reduce pollution by about 2,000 plastic bottles per year.