Imagine the everyday, natural treatment inside your body – drinking water, which is even 10 times  more antioxidants than green tea , which contains up to 86 electrolytic minerals , water, subjected toultrafiltration that removes toxins – with chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides inclusive.

If you eat a healthy żywoność , you are making efforts in the form of diet and nutritional supplementation, remember that the most important factor determining the condition of the body is water.

Alkaline ionized water (high pH 9.5) , is an essential component of the daily diet for all people, and especially practicing physical exercise and taking care of the highest condition of the body, or peoplestruggling with acidification of the body.

Alkaline water against acidification of the body
genesis of a large part of the illnesses of violating the acid-base balance of the body, resulting becomes the acidification of the body.